Class Themes by Week

Course Content Description for Baby Sign Language Basics ™
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Baby Sign Language Basics Session A

Week 1-A Getting Started Signs and Pets

Week 2-A Playtime Actions and Toys/ Attention-Getting Strategies

Week 3-A Family Members/ Cool Grown-up Stuff (keys, phone…)

Week 4-A Basic Foods/ Music Signs / Recognizing Sign Approximations

Week 5-A Clothing and Dressing/ Weather

Week 6-A Bedtime/ Reading Strategies

Week 7-A Forest Animals/ Safety and Discipline

Week 8- Playground Signs/ Signs for Senses


Baby Sign Language Basics Session B
*There will be two special holiday weeks added into the November/ December session, featuring signs for Manners and Holiday themes for a total of 8 weeks

Week 1-B Getting Started Signs and Farm Animals

Week 2-B Things that Go/ Actions/ Attention-Getting Strategies

Week 3-B Emotions and Teaching PAIN and HELP

Week 4-B Manners/  Friends (or seasonal theme in November)

Week 5-B Potty and Diaper/ Opposites/ Diaper Strategies

Week 6-B Colors of the Rainbow/ Signs for the Park/

Week 7-B  Bath and Body Signs/ Water Play

Week 8-B Nature/ Outdoors (or seasonal theme in December)