Baby Sign Language Basics™ Class

Two Locations
Baby Garten Studio 1947 30th St, San Diego, 92102
Wagner’s Music School  8060 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942 

Learn the Baby Sign Language Basics

Baby Sign Language Basics™
Winter Session B-  2/28-4/29
8 weeks $156 (Spring Break 3/28-4/1)

FREE book with over 300 signs for new students!
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Baby Sign Language Basics™ Parent-Child Class jump-starts communication through a fun combination of American Sign Language, music, and playtime. The 8-week series includes a weekly lesson for parents and fun activities for the little ones. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and make new friends!

March/ April Baby Sign Schedule

South ParkREGISTERBaby/ Tod 9-20Tues 10:30am2/28-4/25$156Monta Z. Briant
South ParkREGISTERBaby 6 mos-walk.Tues 12pm 2/28-4/25$156Monta Z. Briant
La MesaREGISTERBaby/ Tod 9-20Weds 11am3/1-4/26$156Monta Z. Briant
La MesaREGISTERBaby 6 mos-walk.Weds 12pm3/1-4/26$156Monta Z. Briant
South ParkREGISTERBaby/ Tod 9-20Fri. 11am3/3-4/28$156Monta Z. Briant
South ParkREGISTERBaby 6 mos-walk.Fri. 12pm3/3-4/28$156 Monta Z. Briant
South ParkREGISTERBaby/ Tod 9-20 mos.Sat. 11am 3/4-4/29$156Hallie Silvas-Muellar
South ParkREGISTERBaby 6 mos-walkSat. 12pm3/4-4/29$156Hallie Silvas-Muellar

All classes are suitable for beginners or more experienced  baby/ toddlers signers.
Classes are grouped by nap time and activity level.
Baby only- Best choice for little babies not yet walking.Monta-and-Bear-Web-Size-IMG
Baby/ Toddler- Older babies transitioning to one nap, more active babies, new walkers.

Refund and Makeup Policy- please read!

Classes are usually full, so pre-registration is recommended. Drop-in class $20/ space available basis

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