Parent-Child classes

Special Summer SessionsLearn the Baby Sign Language Basics!
Baby Garten Studio 1947 30th St, San Diego, 92102

Baby Sign Language Basics™- beginner class
Babies 6 mos – walking  (new walkers may attend-  contact instructor)
$125 per each 6-week session
 Free book with over 300 signs for new students!

Baby Sign Language Basics™  jump-starts communication through a fun combination of American Sign Language, music, and playtime. The six-week series include a weekly parent lesson and engaging baby/ toddler participation activities.  Each week, families will learn both signs for daily routines and signs for fun things that motivate babies to communicate. 
Come prepared to learn, have fun, and make new friends!

Sign, Sing, and Play- advanced class
$75 per 6-weeks/ $15 drop-in (cash only)

For families with older babies through age 3 who have already mastered the basics, this class is 100% Signing Fun! Learn new signing concepts each week through stories, songs, and fun toys and props. Each class includes about 35-40 minutes of structured activity and 20 minutes free play/ social time.

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Register  Level  Age Class  Dates   Price   Instructor
REGISTER BEGINNER mixed 6-20 mos Weds 6pm 7/16-8/20** $125 Monta Z Briant
REGISTER ADVANCED baby-preschool  Fri. 10:30am 7/18-8/22 $75 Monta Z Briant
FULL BEGINNER 6 mos-walking  Fri. 12pm 7/18-8/22 $125 Monta Z Briant
REGISTER ADVANCED baby-preschool  Sat. 11am 7/19-8/23* $75 Linda Hernandez
REGISTER BEGINNER 6-mos-walking  Sat. 12:15pm 7/19-8/23 $125 Linda Hernandez





*Trilingual Enrichment Class- Signs-of-the-week introduced in ASL, English, and Spanish. Class taught in English, but you will learn the Spanish words, as well as the ASL sign for each concept!

**Mixed classs with Baby and Toddlers 6-20 months

 Which class do I choose? If you are new to signing, or signing with baby, but not really getting anywhere, you need our Beginner Class. If you are new to signing and have a walking toddler, you can come to the Advanced Class, but should read our book to learn the basics. The “Advanced” class is for families toddler – age 3 who are already signing at home and don’t need the parent lesson. We also cover more advanced signing concepts and more “just for fun” things.
Refunds Policy:
Refunds are available up to 24 hours before class starts. After that there are no refunds.
Classes are often full, so online pre-registration is recommended. Trial classes are $20 per class on a space available basis.

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