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All classes at our private Baby Garten Studio 1947 30th St, San Diego, 92102 Click for map and directions

Learn the Baby Sign Language Basics




Baby Sign Language Basics™
New Sessions Start 7/14, 7/17, 7/18!

$115 for  6 remaining weeks–
only a few spots left!

FREE  book with over 300 signs for new students!
Click here to see what is learned in each session by week

Baby Sign Language Basics™ Parent-Child Class jump-starts communication through a fun combination of American Sign Language, music, and playtime. The 8-week series includes a weekly lesson for parents and fun activities for the little ones. Come prepared to learn, have fun, and make new friends!

*Saturday classes with Linda teach ASL signs plus English & Spanish word for each new concept!

Please choose your class below

REGISTERBaby only 6 mos-walkingTues. 12pm7/14-8/25$115Monta Z Briant
REGISTERBaby only 6 mos-walkingFri. 11am7/17-8/28$115Monta Z Briant
REGISTERBaby only 6 mos-walkingFri. 12pm7/17-8/28$115Monta Z Briant
FULLBaby/ Tod 10-20 mosSat. 11am*8/18-8/29FULLLinda Hernandez
FULLBaby only 6 mos-walkingSat. 12pm8/18-8/29FULLLinda Hernandez

Baby only- Best choice for little babies not yet walking.
Baby/ Toddler- Older babies transitioning to one nap, toddlers, baby/ toddler siblings
Why so few classes for toddlers? In the past we had mostly toddlers, but these days most parents start so  early  that we get very few beginner toddlers. If you  can’t come to toddler class on Saturdays, we recommend learning the basics with our book  and/ or videos and attending our storytimes at local San Diego Libraries.


Refund and Makeup Policy- please read!
Classes are usually full, so pre-registration is recommended. Drop-in class $20/ space available basis

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