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Enrich your childcare program with sign language! 

AsMonta Briant Teaches Childcare providers signing with preverbal children has become increasingly popular in recent years, more and more parents are looking for childcare programs/ providers that will continue signing with their children. And signing isn’t just for babies– using American Sign Language  in the classroom has been proven to increase spelling scores and literacy over-all in bigger kids to!

Baby Sign Language Basics has been the go-to sign language resource in San Diego for more than a decade. We have training for teachers and parents, as well as professionally published learning materials that can be integrated into any curriculum.

Join the Sign Language in Childcare Movement!

Promoting sign language as part of your curriculum adds a huge value to your program. American Sign Language is the 3rd most used language in the USA. Today’s parents know that it’s a valuable tool for increasing literacy, and it’s also been proven in studies to increase the rate of spoken-language-learning in children being raised bilingually, an especially valuable benefit to childcare programs serving diverse populations!

  • Right here in North County San Diego, the MAAC Early Head Start Programs have incorporated our Baby Sign Language Basics program into all of their centers.
  • Cox Communications employee childcare center has hosted several Baby Sign Language Basics teacher/ parent trainings over the years, as have many other private preschools around town.
  • Baby Sign Language Basics has also performed dozens of training workshops for Grossmont Foster Family Services, SDAEYC conference attendees,  SDCFCC  providers, and many other public and private organizations who serve families with young children.

Sign language has many benefits for the preschool environment:

  • Adds fun to daily routines and circle time activities
  • Empowers preverbal children to communicate with caregivers
  • Reduces frustration, aggression, crying, and noise
  • Enhances language skills/ literacy
  • Acts as a language bridge in multi-lingual classroom settings
  • Is appropriate for  all preschool age groups (infant-pre-K)
  • Children spend less time crying and teachers spend less time playing “the guessing game”– allowing more time for positive interactions.


We have reasonably priced training packages for small and large groups of childcare professionals, and we can even customize our training to help you integrate signing into specific parts of your program or help you with specific challenges.

Please email for more information and a quote!