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Baby Sign Language Basics ™
Baby Sign Language Basics™ is our fun small group class where parents and babies to learn together. The class consists of 16 weekly parent-child classes, including a weekly parent lesson on signs and strategies, individualized support, and engaging baby/ toddler participation activities involving both group and one-on-one interaction. Each week, families will learn both signs for daily routines, and signs for fun things babies are very motivated to communicate about. The class is offered as two 8-week segments, and families may start in either session A or B, which are both teach both beginning and more advanced signs.


Pregnant or parent of a newborn?
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The Baby Sign Language Basics™ Parent Workshop is the class for you! This 90 minute class teaches you everything you need to get started with the basic.  You’ll also go home with the original diaper-bag edition of Baby Sign Language Basics by Monta Z. Briant.




Bring Sign Language to your Childcare Center!Baby Sign Language Basics author Monta Z. Briant trains childcare providers
We’d love to come to your center and do an evening or weekend Parent/Instructor Workshop for your infant/todder instructors and parents, or come to class during the day and do Sign-a-Story Circle Time with the children! All preschool age children LOVE to sign!

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