Songs for Little Hands Live 12/28 at 10:30am!

Monta Z. Briant and Sister, Susan Z to perform, “Songs for Little Hands Live” benefit for Project Night Night, a charity that supplies comfort items such as soft toys, blankies and books to homeless children and children staying with their mother’s in shelters for victims of domestic violence.

Susan Z. and Monta Z. Briant perform Songs for Little Hands Live

Susan Z. and Monta Z. Briant perform Songs for Little Hands Live

Last time Susan came, she sold out of every CD she had brought, but she will be bringing more this time, so if you didn’t get one, bring a little cash!
Her Songs for Little Hands Music CD & Activity Guide is $12.95 and her new CD, More Songs for Little Hands, which is not available anywhere else, is just $10!

This funky, casual, coffee house
is family friendly and fun,
so bring your little ones,
and don’t worry about the crumbs!

 December 28th 10:30am
Rebecca’s Coffee House(across from Baby Garten)
3015 Juniper Street in South Park
San Diego, CA 92102

Please bring babies in slings and carriers rather than strollers if possible. Strollers will need to be left outside, because while this is a big roomy place, we always have a packed house! Anyway, your baby loves it when you dance and bounce with him/ her in the carrier or sling, and the toddlers and preschoolers love to dance!: )

Donation Guidlines

1. Blankets should be NEW or newly handmade and “crib size” or smaller. We appreciate quilted, fleece, crocheted, “no-sew”, and purchased children’s blankets or lovies. The ideal size is 50″ x 60″ or smaller.

2. Books- appropriate for ages 0 to pre-teen. Books may be in new or in like-new condition.

3.Stuffed Animals- smaller than 30 inches. Stuffed animals must be NEW ONLY at this time. (Stuffed animals used in our Adopt a Night Night Packageprogram may be “like-new.”)

– “Like New” means top quality and “nice enough to give as a gift.”
– No Beanie Babies.
– No books or stuffed animals with battery compartments.
– No stuffed animals that make noises — such as singing, reciting prayers, etc.
– No commemorative or holiday stuffed animals or books.
– No stuffed animals over 10 years old (no “collections”) for dust/sanitary reasons.
– We do NOT accept items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet current safety standards.
– For more information, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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