Baby Sign Language Basics Sign-of-the-Week- TELEPHONE!

The Sign-of-the-Week is TELEPHONE!

Your baby is always trying to get his hands on your phone, making TELEPHONE a great Motivating Sign to use with your baby!

Motivating Signs are signs for things your baby really wants to tell you about or ask for, but can’t communicate any other way!

Use Motivating Signs to get the quickest start to communication. Once baby realizes he can communicate with his hands, he’ll want to know the signs for everything!


2 Responses to “Baby Sign Language Basics Sign-of-the-Week- TELEPHONE!”

  1. Jason Ross says:

    We never used the telephone sign, but she learned quickly how to pick up an object, hold it to her ear and actually say “phone” or more like “pho”. But we recently posted a blog about our experience and thought we would share.

    • babysign says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience with baby sign language with our readers. Looks like you have some great info on your blog.: )

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