Video of baby signing DOG

Adorable 8-month-old Dylan  recently started attending our Sign, Sing, and Play parent-child class.
His mom shares that he began signing DOG after just two classes!
Click below to see the video of Dylan signing DOG with the families two canine members

Dylan signs DOG after just two classes!

Signing with your baby isn’t rocket science, and parents can certainly teach their babies
without attending formal classes. However, a class gives parents many wonderful ideas they can use at home to motivate their baby to sign and babies who attend a class tend to signbegin signing much sooner.

This can be compared to the results you would get attending a fitness class at the gym with friends
or working out alone at home.  The fitneess class or baby signing class parents educational support and feedback from an instructor, and inspiration and moral support from classmates. When you see
someone who’s been in your fitness class for 6 months who’s looking great, or when you see a baby
just a couple of months older than your using signs, it really inspires you to keep on track with
your program and you get better results yourself.

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