How often should I show signs?

This question submitted from a parent in Russia viaметодики/Baby-Sign-Language as part of the partnership between Monta Z. Briant and Danone/ Nutricia,Russia, makers of Dannon Yogurt.

Questions: How often should I show signs?

As for how often to sign, you should try to use the sign for each concept you are trying to teach as often as you can remember to, or as often as is practical. You do not have to sign every time you say the word, but the more you sign, the faster your baby will make the connection between concept and gesture.

Many parents find it hard to remember to sign. It helps to attach signs to routines you do regularly, such as the diaper change or feeding.

Try putting some pictures or toys that represent things you want to remember to sign near the feeding and changing areas, so that you will remember to use those signs every time you feed or change. After you have done signs for feeding and changing, you can have fun with your baby by pointing to the pictures or handing them a small toy and signing about them. Maybe for a couple of weeks you might have animal toys or pictures there, and then maybe you will change them to pictures of grandparents, brothers and sisters, and cousins. Keep changing the toys and pictures every once in a while, and your baby will also have something fun to focus on and be less fussy. You can use pictures torn from magazines, printed from your computer, or use flash cards with pictures on them.

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