Baby Sign Language Basics Working with “The Russians”!

Hi Everyone,

I have some news that is long overdue. I am now “working with The Russians!

No, no– sorry to disappoint you, but I have not become an international secret agent!

However, from April- September 2013, I have been contracted by Danone/ Nutricia,  Russian counterpart of the makers of the Dannon Yogurt you buy here in the USA, to serve as a Baby Sign Language Expert on their new parenting website, For 6-months, I am posting my Baby Sign Language Basics™ video lessons on the site, answering questions from website visitors, and doing interviews with Russian media. I’m also have the very good fortune to be traveling to Moscow in September to perform a Master Class and meet with media!

In addition to yogurt products, Danone/ Nutricia, Russia, also make other nutritional products, such as baby formula, nutritional drinks (similar to our Pediasure and Ensure products here in the US), and medical nutrition products.

And, coincidentally, my book has also recently been published in Russian by two different publishers. At least one of these must be pirated, but what can you do. I might have to show up on these unscrupulous publisher’s doorsteps while I’m in town. It is cool to see that my book has made it all the way to Russia, though, pirated or not.

Baby Sign Language Basics Russian Edition www.babysignlanguage.netBaby Sign Language Basics Russian Edition

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