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Is it for sure that the baby is going to learn how to talk?

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

This question submitted from a parent in Russia viaметодики/Baby-Sign-Language as part of the partnership between Monta Z. Briant and Danone/ Nutricia,Russia, makers of Dannon Yogurt.


Question: Is it for sure that the baby is going to learn how to talk?

Dear Parent,

Signing won’t inhibit your baby’s language development any more than crawling will inhibit his learning to walk. As a matter of fact, research shows that babies who sign generally talk sooner and build vocabulary more quickly than their non-signing peers. In their 8-year study, Drs. Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn at University of California Davis, found that by age 24 months, the signing babies in the study had 50 more spoken words than the non-signing babies, and by age 36 months, children who signed as babies were talking at the 47-month age level, putting them nearly a year ahead of their non-signing peers.

Think of it this way: Babies learn to recognize the spoken words before they can say them. Once a baby is able to look at a bird and sign BIRD with her hand, she is hearing that word “bird” inside her head, in her thoughts. So, babies are able to learn words, and use them in the correct context, by replacing them with a sign, long before they are able to speak. Once they are physically able to speak, many of them already have quite an extensive vocabulary, ready and waiting to be spoken!

Once your baby is physically developed enough to walk, he’ll no longer crawl, as walking is a much more efficient means of getting from point A to point B. The same is true of signing and talking—once your baby can say a word clearly enough to make his meaning understood, he’ll stop using the sign for that word. Once a child’s vocal apparatus are sufficiently developed, plain talking is a lot easier (and you can even do it with your hands full!).

Video of baby signing DOG

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Adorable 8-month-old Dylan  recently started attending our Sign, Sing, and Play parent-child class.
His mom shares that he began signing DOG after just two classes!
Click below to see the video of Dylan signing DOG with the families two canine members

Dylan signs DOG after just two classes!

Signing with your baby isn’t rocket science, and parents can certainly teach their babies
without attending formal classes. However, a class gives parents many wonderful ideas they can use at home to motivate their baby to sign and babies who attend a class tend to signbegin signing much sooner.

This can be compared to the results you would get attending a fitness class at the gym with friends
or working out alone at home.  The fitneess class or baby signing class parents educational support and feedback from an instructor, and inspiration and moral support from classmates. When you see
someone who’s been in your fitness class for 6 months who’s looking great, or when you see a baby
just a couple of months older than your using signs, it really inspires you to keep on track with
your program and you get better results yourself.

Alejando, 16 months, signs HAPPY

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Submitted by signing mom and Baby Sign Language Basics student Andrea, about her son Alejandro today, who took our classes when Alejandro was 10-13 months.

“We’re so glad we taught our child signing. Not just so we can figure out what he is trying to say but because he clearly loved expressing himself.
Right now his favorite sign is “happy”.  He signs this all the time. Even though we can tell by his smile and laughter, it clearly makes him happy to let us know he’s happy!”

In this photo, Alejandro is indeed signing “HAPPY”